Zuber E-Z Pakmobile

Zuber E-Z Pakmobile
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  • Item #: ZUB-001

The Zuber Pakmobile is a semi automatic food packing system designed in one compact portable unit.  Just plug it in and you are ready to package anything from hard sausage to butter.  The Zuber Pakmobile includes a work table, water reservoir and pump all mounted on a tubular cart that is smoothly finished for easy cleaning.  Two styles of covers are available. A portion control cover that is adjustable to package from 8 ounces to 2-1/2 pounds.  A regular straight stuffing cover is also available.  The tank has a 100 pound capacity Above price is for the stuffer with a portion control cover.  Price will vary with the purchase of the straight stuffing cover and stuffing tubes.


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